Top storage hacks for your caravan or RV

Top storage hacks for your caravan or RV


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I don’t know about you, but I love hacks. Finding better ways to do things results in huge personal satisfaction for me. Thanks to our digital world, we have access to these miraculous gems at our fingertips. Just think, without the internet, how would we have known that wrapping garbage bags around hangers was the best way to transport clothes? The answer is, we wouldn’t. 

Given that caravans and RVs are compact spaces, they are ripe for storage hacks. These tight spaces have been cleverly designed to fit the maximum amount of facilities, people, and storage for your travels. However, there can be a lot of essential items to carry in your van, and seemingly not enough space. 

Luckily, we have done the legwork to bring you the best storage hacks for your RV from around the interwebs!



Hack 1: Toilet rolls

Toilet paper is a precious commodity during these lockdown days. But don’t dismiss the toilet roll, for within it, is a helpful hack! We all struggle with storing the cords of our technological devices. On the road, there can be dozens of different devices needing different cords. If you can’t consolidate them, at least you can use this practical hack to avoid tangling the cords together. 


toilet roll storage hack cords caravan
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Prepare: secure toilet rolls to one another, lay them out vertically within a drawer or large box. 
Use: Roll up your cords and slot them into their individual roll holder - voilà!



Hack 2: Hooks

Ah, hooks, magical hooks. Who would have thought that the humble hook would improve our lives so much? Don’t lie to yourselves - hanging plants, egg chairs, and knowing where on earth your keys are located - are wonderful things. 


caravan storage hooks hack keys
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For your RV, hooks can solve a lot of storage woes by using your walls to maximise your space! Be armed with plenty of hooks on your travels - plastic removable, metal/wood permanent, suction caps or clips! No matter your hook style, the hanging prospects are endless. From the kitchen to the bedroom, lounge or bathroom, here’s a handful of uses - 

  • Kitchen: Tea towels, oven mitts, cooking utensils, cookware, baskets into storage shelves, mugs 

  • Bathroom: Towels, toiletries, loofah, clothes

  • Living: Keys, torch, broom, mirror, bags

  • Bedroom: Torch, clothes, hats, wall art, hair iron, sunglasses


 BOSS TIP  - Get a peg or mesh board to add additional hooks to a wall.  



Hack 3: Shoe rack

Before you cover all your walls with hooks, consider adding a hanging shoe rack. Attach it to a wall or behind a door. The shoe compartments are a practical way to store kitchen, cleaning, office and food items. Whether you need a place to put the sunscreen or user manuals - shoe racks are a superb hack.


storage hack caravan shoe rack
Source @RVBoss


 BOSS TIP  - Hanging baskets and mini hammocks are supplementary hacks; best for storing fruit and vegetables. Hang them under kitchen cupboards. 



Hack 4: Magnetic Strips

If you’re sick of hearing “honey, where did you put the nail clippers?” - then this hack is for you! Magnetic strips are a cheap and easy way to store your small metal objects such as - scissors, knives, bobby pins, nail clippers, or tweezers. These little items can be tough to locate or store in your van, making these strips a logistical lifesaver when you’re pulled up for an extended time. 


storage hack magnetic strip knives caravan kitchen
Source @oskartheexplorer


 BOSS TIP  - Strips are not recommended to hold heavy items while driving in off-road conditions. 



Hack 5: Drink can tab

Maximise your hanging space and repurpose your hangers with one tiny object - the tab from a drink can. Simply slide a drink tab onto your hanger and you’ve doubled, tripled, quadrupled your hanging space. Game changer. 

storage hack caravan drink can tab
Source @RVBoss




Hack 6: Don’t forget the empty spaces!

When travelling, microwaves and ovens are a great extra space for storing soft items. Use these spaces for storing non-perishable pantry items like chips or pasta. The oven or griller is also a great place to store baking trays or moulds. 


storage hack microwave oven caravan
Source @RVBoss


Group smaller items into baskets to make them easier to move around when you need to use the oven or microwave.

 BOSS TIPS  - Avoid putting perishables such as bread in these spaces as they may go mouldy. If you’re heading off-road, make sure any breakable items such as baking trays are removed from the oven. Alternatively, wrap them in tea towels for added protection.



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