RV Tool kit Must Haves

RV Tool kit Must Haves

You never know what issues may arise on your RV trip, so It is important that you have your RV tool kit prepped and ready to go at all times.

 We know that space is at a premium when it comes to RVing and it is important to pack only what is needed.

That is why we have created this list to give you a good idea of what essentials you need in your RV tool kit.

1.       Claw hammer

claw hammer

A claw hammer should be a standard item in any toolbox. Apart from just using it to hammer things you could use it to bend things back into place, loosen something or to pry something apart.


2.       Muti- screwdriver

yellow and black multi screw driver

This is a major space saver as it incorporates multiple screwdrivers into one.


3.       Flashlight

black and yellow flashlight

Sure, your phone light is quite bright, but an actual flashlight is way more useful and practical – especially a headlamp.

From a night-time breakdown on the side of the road to a campsite set up in the dark, flashlights are super handy tools to have. It is always a good idea to have different types and sizes of flashlights around the RV and always have extras.

Headlamps are convenient for when you need both your hands or go on those night time walks.

A LED lantern is good for lighting up campsites or a room.


4.       Tape

yellow, red and blue duct tape

Having a variety of tape options is highly recommended. Be sure to keep a variety of different tapes such as electrical tape, Teflon tape and duct tape.

Duct tape is especially great as it can be used for quick fixes and to fix just about anything.


Thread seal tape is great for fixing leaks especially those leaks when hooking up to the water at a campground.


5.       Pocket knife

black pocket knife

Pocket knives are so convenient. You can use these to open things, slice fruit, cut zip ties and so much more.

Be sure to have a quality folding knife and it keep in an easily accessible area.

Be aware of local laws regarding carrying knives as you travel.


6.       Pliers

black and yellow pliers

Another standard toolbox item is a pair of standard and needle-nose pliers. These are an extremely versatile tool and especially useful when you need to get into tight spots in the RV.



7.       Adjustable wrench

adjustable wrench


Just a set of small, medium and large adjustable wrenches should be good enough to cover your needs. These are especially good for saving space as they would take up less space than a whole set of SAE and metric wrenches.


8.       Allen wrenches

set of allen wrenches

One of those “glad you have them when you need them” tools. Just a basic set of SAE and metric Allen wrenches will be good enough.


9.       Zip ties

zip ties


Keep a heap of different size zip ties around. These are good to manage cords or wires and keeping things together or in place.


10.   Bottle Jack & cross wrench

red car jack and cross wrench


At some point a flat tyre is inevitable. You should always have a spare tyre on hand for those emergencies and of course a way to be able to put them on. This includes a way to raise your vehicle and remove the lug and nuts on your wheels. A cross wrench is good for removing the lug nuts. Be sure to have a correct size bottle jack that accommodates the size of your vehicle.


11.   Tyre pressure gauge

tyre pressure gauge


It is important to check your tyres’ air pressure to prevent blowouts and even help you save on fuel. Having a tyre pressure gauge handy is useful to check your tyre pressure without having to stop at a servo.

The type of tyre pressure gauge you have will depend on what type/ size of RV tyre you have.

For larger tyres be sure to have a tyre pressure gauge that reads well over 100 psi.


12.   Multimeter

multi meter reader


This is an important tool for electrical tasks. RV’s have complex electrical systems and a multimeter can save you heaps of time and sanity in being able to identify an electrical issue and troubleshoot what is draining your battery while free camping.


13.   Spirit level

yellow spirit level


Just a standard level works great. Having a trailer that is level front-to-back and side-to-side makes a huge difference.


14.   Multi-tool

multi tool


A well-known example of these is a Swiss Army. These are small but powerful and so very useful tools. Get a good quality multi-tool and it will quickly become one of your most-used tools thanks to its compact design and versatility. Remember to keep this somewhere convenient.


15.   Cordless drill

yellow and black cordless drill

As you won’t always have a power source nearby “cordless” is key here. Remember to keep it charged and have a small drill bit set with it. Apart from the obvious, a drill can also help you save time when setting up the camper or trailer.


16.   Smartphone with internet connection.

smart phone with rv boss web page


I don’t know if there is anyone that still carries a phone that doesn’t have an internet connection. Our phones are something we all have with us all the time. Not a toolbox item, but still important to note.

having a smartphone with an internet connection will give you the know-how on how to properly use your tools and guide you on what to do. There are many YouTube channels that show you how to fix/ set up various things on your RV. Remember to keep your phone fully charged whenever possible.


Along with these toolbox must-haves be sure to not forget the basics like scissors, extra light bulbs, extra batteries, glue, bungee cords, electric wire, spray lubricants, vehicle fluids, and extension cords. These items are invaluable when you find yourself with broken items or needing emergency repairs when you are far from civilisation.


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