Read this before buying a caravan or motorhome!

Aside from features and budget, there are universal considerations for buying an RV. Before you sign the dotted line, answer these 4 questions!

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1. Was the RV built by a reputable manufacturer?

It’s helpful to know whether your RV was built by a longstanding manufacturer or one that recently popped up. Are they accredited with the Caravan Industry Association of Australia RVMAP? You want to buy from a reliable company with tried and proven manufacturing techniques.



2. What are their manufacturing materials and processes?


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It’s vital to know how your RV was put together; this can save you a lot of pain and money in the future. Key considerations here are the materials. There are two main body construction styles - traditional timber frame and wall aluminium cladding (stick and tin) versus modern composite sandwich panels. Plus, there are plenty of other considerations regarding chassis, suspension systems, weights, and towing. If that sounds overwhelming, we’ve got you covered. Take a breath and read more here.



3. Are they a reputable dealer, and what is their relationship with the manufacturer?

It’s important to know whether your dealership is closely linked with the manufacturer. The better the relationship between the dealer and manufacturer, the better for you, should there be any troubles on the road.



4. What is the aftersales support?‚Äč


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This is a key consideration. While every manufacturer wants to have a perfect product, there’s a high likelihood you will need aftersales support. This is almost unavoidable with RVs. Keep in mind your caravan or campervan comprises thousands of small items - including electronics and plumbing - and travels 100 kilometres an hour across Australia. Save yourself the headaches. Ask your potential dealer or manufacturer these key questions: 

  • How many service providers do you have in the country? Heads up, market leaders will have over 1,000!
  • What is your warranty offering? 
  • Do you offer free roadside assist?



Now that you’re armed with the right questions, begin hunting for your perfect RV today. Search our extensive list of motorhomes and caravans for sale in Australia. Search now




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