List of the best towing courses in Australia

Caravans can be an exciting investment, but it is important that you take the time to learn how to tow them correctly.

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Unsafe towing practices can be dangerous. While towing your caravan, you will be faced with challenges such as unfamiliar roads, unexpected wildlife, changing traffic conditions, reverse parking, etc. To safely negotiate these situations, you’ll need skills and knowledge you won’t pick up driving a standard car.
There are several service providers who can help you hit the road safely and confidently. Whether you have never towed before or have upgraded your caravan, we recommend taking a beginner or refresher towing course.

We’ve compiled a list of caravan towing classes around Australia for your reference:

1. Caravan towing courses in Sydney - Tow-Ed


Tow-Ed provides high-quality, practical on-road instruction giving drivers the expertise and confidence to enjoy their travels while towing. Tow-Ed offers a variety of specialised programs such as 4WD, towing, and trip preparation courses. You even have the opportunity to take your training further with an off-road driving course, to get you ready for any type of trip! Tow-Ed is dedicated to keeping you on the road wherever your sense of adventure takes you. From taking the boat down to the lake to lapping Australia, they have you covered and will ensure comfort behind the wheel.



2. Caravan towing courses in Brisbane - Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education


Australian 4WD & Advanced Driver Education is a leader in designing, developing, and delivering practical nationally recognised advanced driver education. Their mission is to provide advanced driver training based on a proactive approach. They are committed to encouraging low-risk defensive driving, safer driving behaviours, and promoting positive driving attitudes. They offer a variety of courses for professional and novice drivers. Their corporate training and recreational training courses will teach you how to tow a variety of trailers including caravans. As a bonus, they even offer a trip preparation course. You are sure to leave your session feeling confident in your abilities to hit the road on your new adVANture.


3. Caravan towing courses in Melbourne - METEC


METEC is a not-for-profit road safety organisation. They offer both learner and advanced driving courses and education. They are committed to the Toward Zero initiative in reducing lives lost through on and off-road driver training and education. Metec understands that towing a trailer or caravan can be daunting at first and they are dedicated to equipping you with the right knowledge and skills to get you on the road safely and confidently. 
They have a certified towing course for beginners that will take you through all the practical skills and legal and safety requirements needed when towing a caravan. Alternatively, non-beginners can opt for the practical tow-only course. This course is an ideal refresher for people who have some prior towing experience. You are sure to leave METEC feeling ready to hit the road with confidence thanks to their great facilities and their experienced driving and towing instructors.



4. Caravan towing courses in Perth - Global Gypsies


Global Gypsies is an award-winning touring and training company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. They offer training programs in 4WD, towing, and tour-guiding. Their programs are designed to give students the information needed to make them competent and confident as well as giving them a greater appreciation of the driving environment.
Their private caravan towing training course is suited for anyone who needs to learn new towing skills or brush up on existing skills and improve confidence. Courses are one-on-one and you can even choose to take the course from your home. The course has both practical and theoretical content. It’s flexible enough that you can focus on the skills you want to learn most. You are sure to relax and enjoy your holiday knowing you’re towing safely and correctly after taking a Global Gypsies course.



5. Caravan towing courses in Adelaide - Adelaide Trailer Training


Adelaide Trailer Training offer training for both on and off-road transport by an experienced and certified Motor Vehicle Driving Instructor. ATT offers a towing course that delivers a balanced amount of both theory and practical training. It is based on the National Standard MSMRVG201 “Tow A Recreational Vehicle Safely”. The course covers training on how to tow trailers, caravans, 5th wheelers, and more. Their safe trailer towing course can even be brought to your home. At ATT they are all about ensuring that students leave with the appropriate training necessary to tow both safely and efficiently.




Now that you have the skills needed to safely tow your caravan, you can head off to the most amazing locations around Australia with confidence.

If you’re yet to buy your caravan and need help in that process, check out our Caravan Buyer’s Guide.

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